Benefits of Decline Bench Press | Leeway Fitness

Benefits of Decline Bench Press | Leeway Fitness

The pectoralis major muscle is located in your upper chest. It consists of the clavicular head (upper pec) and sternal head (lower pec).

The purpose of the decline bench press is to work the lower pecs. In addition to lower pecs, this exercise also uses the:

• Triceps brachii in the back side of your upper arm

• Biceps brachii on the front side of your upper arm

• Anterior deltoid in the front of your shoulder

During the upward phase of a decline bench press, the lower pecs work to extend the arm. It’s assisted by the triceps and anterior deltoid.

In the downward phase when bringing the weights back toward you, the lower pecs and anterior deltoid work to flex the arm. The biceps brachii helps this movement to a lesser extent.

Compared to other types of bench presses, the decline version is less stressful on the back and shoulders. That’s because the decline angle shifts the stress to your lower pecs, which forces them to work harder.

Hence, if your question is that “What am I missing by not having decline functionality in my bench press” you can say that if you are avoiding the decline bench press, you are missing building your lower pecs.


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