Finger Cut Weight Plate Home Gym Set

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Rubber Coated Weight Plate Home Gym Set with 5ft Plain + 3ft Curl & 1 Pair Dumbbell Rods with Gym Accessories, Professional Weight Plates, Gym Equipment

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10kg set (2.5x4)
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30kg set (2x4+3x4+5x2)
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40kg Set (2.5X4+5X6)
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50kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+10X2)
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70kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+10X4)
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100kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+7.5X4+10X4)
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HOME GYM SET: Metal Integrated Weight Plates + 14” Dumbbell Rod + 3 Ft Curl Rod + 5 Ft Straight Rod + Gym Kit.

WEIGHT PLATES: 2.5 KG X 4 + 5 KG X 4 + 10 KG X 4 = 70 KG ; (Weight plates customization is available).

BARBELL SET: 5 ft straight rod + 3 ft curl rod + 14″ dumbbell rod’s.

PLATE INNER DIAMETER: This rubber weight comes 31 mm hole diameter.

GYM KIT: 1 pair gloves + 2 foam gripper + 1 skipping rop for indoor workout strength training.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. It will be solved within 12 hours.

NOTE: The product will come with a coating of harmless silicone oil for the product’s safety in transport. Please wipe it before use or it will go off after some days.

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30kg set (2×4+3×4+5×2), 100kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+7.5X4+10X4), 10kg set (2.5×4), 40kg Set (2.5X4+5X6), 50kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+10X2), 70kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+10X4)


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