Incline Leg Raise Benefits and How to do

Incline Leg Raise Benefits and How to do

Incline Leg Raise

Those who want to workout for lower abs and obliques must do Incline leg raise exercise. A Leeway situp bench is required to perform this exercise correctly.
This exercise engages your hips, which means during the Incline Leg Raise exercise, the one will feel pressure on abs, leg, and hips. It is the main benefit of the Incline Leg Raise exercise.

How to do Incline Leg Raise

Before starting this exercise, lie face-up on a situp bench, gripping the pads behind your head for support.
Now keeping your legs together and straight, lift them to a 90-degree angle at the hips. Try to keep your lower back on the bench as you lower your legs down to starting position.

Incline Leg Raise Benefits and How to do

Benefits of Incline Leg Raise:

By doing this exercise regularly, one can get the following benefits:-
1. Very effective exercise for lower abs.
2. Strengthens muscles in legs and abdomen.
3. Lose weight from legs and lower abdomen.

Note: Before starting this exercise, you must take guidance from an expert; it can be harmful without guidance.

Note: All images shown through but not limited to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are for idea purposes. The result of a workout is not the same for every person, and it can differ from person to person.


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