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Dumbbell Rack DS04 – 6 Tier

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DS04 Heavy and Sturdy Dumbbell stand for gym purpose, it holds 12 dumbbells at a time, it stays stable and does not vibrate – Leeway Fitness.

Key Highlights:-

• Mostly dumbbells fits easily on it.

• Can store 6 pairs of dumbbells.

• Simple DIY nut-bolt installation

• Made with heavy gauge steel.

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Dumbbell Stand for Gym - Leeway Fitness

Dumbbell Stand for Gym – DS04-6Tier

Leeway Fitness Dumbbell stand for gym Keeps all of your weights secure at all times on its arms. It is Made up with commercial-grade alloy steel that is enough durable to hold heavy weight all the time. It holds weight and prevent any damages while dumbbells puzzle on floor.


Dumbbell Stand for Gym - Leeway Fitness

Ergonomically designed dumbbell rack structure offers a compact design that saves your work out space and resulting that you get more exercise space in your home gym or commercial gym. In an addition to your dumbbell stand, this weight organizer also has rubberized feet that protect your floor from scratches. It also absorbs shock during re-stocking, preventing the rack from sliding.


Dumbbell Stand for Gym - Leeway Fitness

Proper use of Multi Level Storage Dumbbell Rack – Whenever using the dumbbell rack for store dumbbell always place heavier dumbbell down side and lighter weight dumbbell at upside. It will make proper balance at dumbbell stand for gym and your dumbbell stand remain stable.






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Brand Leeway Fitness
Material Alloy Steel
Holding Capacity 6 Pair of Dumbbells
Colour Black
Country of Origin India
Height 119cm
Length 68cm



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