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Dumbbell Rack DS06 – 9Tier

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Checkout the Latest Laser cut Designed Sturdy and Stable Gym Dumbbell Stand made with Strong Alloy Steel can hold upto 9 pair of dumbbells.

  • Latest Laser Cut Design.
  • Sturdy and Stable.
  • Made with Heavy Strong Alloy Steel.
  • Store upto 9 pair of Dumbbells.


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Dumbbell stand for Gym

Dumbbell Rack for gym - Leeway Fitness

9 Tier Dumbbell rack has been made using laser-cut design high in quality and operates in minimum space, In resulting that you get more workout area in home gym or commercial gym.

It is heavy in weight and has stable balance while in use. Leeway Fitness’s Dumbbell Stand keep your weight safe as they get a permanant storage space otherwise they puzzled on floor.

DS06-9Tier is a Dumbbell rack for gym of its kind unique design dumbbell rack that stores dumbbells in 3 way. Means it uses all three sides to store dumbbells and is we have made it enough strong to remain stable when you keep dumbbells on it.


Dumbbell Rack for gym - Leeway Fitness

Powder coating used on heavy strong girder constructed dumbbell stands it is very strong construction to store 18 dumbbells on this structure, all 3 girder is strongly welded from inner and outer area to make this stand last longer. At Leeway Fitness we do not compromise with quality as the equipment will be used for fitness purpose, after churning out all the process you got the final product.

Note: Keep heavier weight at the bottom side and lightier weight at upperside.



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Brand Leeway Fitness
Country of Origin India
Material Alloy Steel
Shape Tower
Placement Floor
Height 118cm
Length 36cm


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