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Dumbbell Rack DS05 – 7 Tier

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Dumbbell rack for Gym – Multiple options to choose from. All are Heavy, Sturdy. Easy to Assemble. No cost EMI, Free Shipping Available.

Key Highlights:-

• Mostly dumbbells fits easily on it.

• Can store 7 pairs of dumbbells.

• Simple DIY nut-bolt installation

• Made with heavy gauge steel.


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Dumbbell rack for gym

Dumbbell Rack DS05-7Tier - Leeway Fitness

DS05 – 7 Tier Dumbbell Rack is designed for 7 Pair of Dumbbells Hex, Rubber Hex Dumbbells, or Bounce Dumbbells. It is the very compact design check dimension in the image.

Users can mix and match dumbbells to keep remain stability of the dumbbell rack. During putting and taking dumbbells from the dumbbell stand user could not get finger pinching as the Leeway Fitness Dumbbell rack has enough space for operating.

The A-Frame is strong and durable to hold 14 dumbbells with enough stability. Another Benefit of A Structure design is that it saves space you can keep more dumbbells in a tower dumbbell rack which saves space as well.


Dumbbell Rack DS05-7Tier - Leeway Fitness

The design of this rack provides easy storage for all dumbbells. Note that keeping heavy weight dumbbell downside and the lightweight dumbbell on the upper side, will manage the dumbbell’s balance and keep it stable.


Dumbbell Rack DS05-7Tier - Leeway Fitness

We have put heavy rubber legs on the feet of this dumbbell rack. Due to this the rack remain stable and does leave scratches on the floor or mat. The compact design of this rack makes it easy to store in your home or commercial gym. It stores 14 dumbbells and in size, it is not so large it takes just approx 6 square feet area.



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Brand Leeway Fitness
Material Alloy Steel
Holding Capacity 14 Dumbbells
Colour Black
Country of Origin India
Height 129cm
Length 75cm


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