Steel Weight Plates Set Home Gym Combo

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Buy Leeway Fitness’s Steel weight plate home gym combo set. Strength Training Equipment | Exercise Equipment | Weight Lifting Equipment for workout at home. Package content mentioned below:

  • Steel Weight Plate.
  • 5 Feet Gym Rod and 3 Feet Curl Rod.
  • Dumbbell Rod with Star Nut.
  • Foam Gripper, Skipping Rope and Gym Glove.
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10kg set (2.5x4)
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20kg set (2x4+3x4)
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40kg set (2x4+3x4+5x4)
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50kg set (2x4+3x4+5x6)
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70kg Set (2X4+3X4+5X6+10X2)
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100kg Set(2X4+3X4+5X8+10X4)
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Home Gym combo set

Home Gym combo set from Leeway Fitness is great equipment for a Junior or a Senior athlete. Now This combo contains durable products that last longer life. Increase body strength and exercise regularly at home with Leeway package. We at Leeway Fitness’s deals in good quality product that enough to hold heavy weight capacity as we have mentioned. So dont afraid with quality We manufacture the Gym equipment by keping in mind safety on priority.

  • HOME GYM SET: Metal Weight Plates + 35cm (14)’ Dumbbell Rod + 3 Ft Curl Rod + 5 Ft Straight Rod + Gym Kit
  • WEIGHT PLATES: 2.5 Kg X 4 = 10 KG ; (Weight plates customization is available).
  • BARBELL SET: 5 Ft Straight Rod (28mm) and 3 Feet Curl Rod (28mm) + 1 Pair 35cm (14) solid steel Dumbbell Rods with Starnut.
  • GYM KIT: 1 pair gloves + 2 foam gripper + 1 skipping rop for indoor workout strength training.
  • PLATE INNER DIAMETER: This steel weight comes 31 mm hole diameter.

Chrome Plated Steel Weight
Durable metal plates with Chrome coated finish for rust- and maintenance-free use. Chrome Plated Steel construction, three times of polishing ensures good stability, corrosion-resistant, and durable use.

Plain and curl rods
Both the curl and plain straight bars are available in this combo, necessary for different kinds of lifting. This helps you to gradually advance to more intensive weight training sessions. Don’t miss training overhand, underhand or reverse grips that can be done with the help of these two rods.

Bar Lock
Our bar clamp collars are able to withstand large amounts of both weight and movement without ever moving from their original position.

Dumbbell rods
Our high-quality weightlifting accessories are designed for professionals and novice weightlifters. They can be used in personal home gyms for workouts on your schedule, or in commercial fitness clubs.

Strong Construction with Textured Handle
The handles included with Dumbbell Weight Set have knurled grips. The knurling adds extra grip to your workout to prevent the dumbbells from slipping out of your hands.

Spin-Lock Collars
Dumbbell set includes spin-lock collars. Add your weight plates to the dumbbell handles and spin the lock on each end to secure your plates.

Foam Grippers
This combo offer from LEEWAY comes with tools that address different muscle groups and parts of the body. While foam hand grippers are usually overlooked in terms of importance, this set does not give them a miss. These grippers help the user in enhancing the strength of their grip, while the foam cushioning is very comfortable.

PVC Skipping Rope
One of the best exercises for endurance training is skipping as it burns calories and increases body balance and co-ordination. The skipping equipment is also provided in this combo package.

Gym Gloves
A pair of gym gloves is also offered in this combo set from LEEWAY which provides protection to the trainee’s wrists from strain.





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20kg set (2×4+3×4), 40kg set (2×4+3×4+5×4), 50kg set (2×4+3×4+5×6), 100kg Set(2X4+3X4+5X8+10X4), 10kg set (2.5×4), 70kg Set (2X4+3X4+5X6+10X2)


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