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Home Gym Set with Gym Bench by Leeway – Enhance your Physical Training
LEEWAY Triple-Grip Weight Plate
Set up your own gym at home with a number of weight training tools & adjustable bench available at a combo offer from LEEWAY. The LEEWAY professional home gym training set brings together a varied range of differently-sized weight training tools that help you build your body without hitting the gym. Invest in the combo training set from LEEWAY and start your weight lifting programme while staying in the comfort of your home.

31mm Specification
Weight Plates Suitable for all Weightlifting Barbells/Dumbbells with a 28mm shaft.

Smooth and Quick plate loading experience allowing users to jump start their workouts, or adjust the weights without hassle.


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HOME GYM SET: Home Gym Equipment set includes Metal integrated Weight Plates + 14” Dumbbell Rod + 3 Ft Curl Rod + 5 Ft Straight Rod + Gym Kit + Flat Bench LF80 home workout equipment.

WEIGHT PLATES: 5 KG X 4 PLATES = 20 KG ; (Weight plates customization is available).

BARBELL SET: 5 ft straight rod + 3 ft curl rod + 14″ dumbbell rod’s.

PLATE INNER DIAMETER: This rubber weight comes 31 mm hole diameter.

GYM KIT: 1 pair gloves + 2 foam gripper + 1 skipping rop for indoor workout strength training.

BENCH DIMENSIONS: 66″L x 40″W x 48″H | Maximum Weight Capacity Including User : 400Lbs.

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Inclined decline bench is made of 14 & 16-gauge tubular steel; Guaranteed to withstand intense use of multipurpose gym machine.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail. It will be solved within 12 hours of receiving home workout equipment.

NOTE: The Home Gym Equipment set will come with a coating of harmless silicone oil for the product’s safety in transport. Please wipe it before use or it will go off after some days.


About Bench

Multipurpose Gym Bench

Fully Adjustable Design
Designed With Different Back Positions To Meet All Your Needs When Doing Workouts, You Can Perform A Number Of Upper And Lower Body Exercises While Incorporating Dumbbell Use To Hit Goals And Build/maintain Muscle At Home Gym.

Gym Machine Is Almost Full Assembled, You Only Need to Assemble the Front and Back Support Tube and The Foam Rollers, It Is Very Easy and Only Takes 2 Minutes. The Foldable workout Bench Easily for Quick Storage. It Saves Space When Folded.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction:-
The Adjustable Gym Bench Designed With Unique Triangle Structure And Heavy-duty Thickened Steel, 180 Kg Weight Capacity , No Worry For Stability.

It allows for a wide array of strength-training exercises that focus on the arms, legs, chest, and core. Pair it with a rack or use it with free weights.

Solid Cast-Iron Core
We only use refined metal orbs in the casting process. Features a solid cast-iron core with fewer air bubbles and sand holes, which means improved structural strength and durability. The handheld weight will not bend or break after repeated use, ensuring optimal performance over a long period.

Plain and curl rods
Both the curl and plain straight bars are available in this combo, necessary for different kinds of lifting. This helps you to gradually advance to more intensive weight training sessions. Don’t miss training overhand, underhand or reverse grips that can be done with the help of these two rods.

Spring Collar Clips
Our bar clamp collars are able to withstand large amounts of both weight and movement without ever moving from their original position.

Dumbbell rods
Our high-quality weightlifting accessories are designed for professionals and novice weightlifters. They can be used in personal home gyms for workouts on your schedule, or in commercial fitness clubs.

Strong Construction with Textured Handle
The handles included with Dumbbell Weight Set have knurled grips. The knurling adds extra grip to your workout to prevent the dumbbells from slipping out of your hands.

Spin-Lock Collars
Dumbbell set includes spin-lock collars. Add your weight plates to the dumbbell handles and spin the lock on each end to secure your plates.

Foam Grippers
This combo offer from LEEWAY comes with tools that address different muscle groups and parts of the body. While foam hand grippers are usually overlooked in terms of importance, this set does not give them a miss. These grippers help the user in enhancing the strength of their grip, while the foam cushioning is very comfortable.

PVC Skipping Rope
One of the best exercises for endurance training is skipping as it burns calories and increases body balance and co-ordination. The skipping equipment is also provided in this combo package.

Gym Gloves
A pair of gym gloves is also offered in this combo set from LEEWAY which provides protection to the trainee’s wrists from strain.


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Bench Model LF-80
Bench Type Multipurpose Gym Bench
Weight Load Capacity 120kg
Bench Dimension
Height (In Flat Position) 46cm
Length 117cm
Leg Width 44cm



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100kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+7.5X4+10X4), 20kg set (5×4), 40kg Set (2.5X4+5X6), 50kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+10X2), 80kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+7.5X4+10X2), 90kg Set (2.5X4+5X6+7.5X4+10X2)


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