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Fan Weight Plate – 31mm

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High Quality 31mm Fan Weight Plates Set built to drop. It has Metal ring inside for easy loading and unloading. It comes in 2.5kg to 10kg of weight variant.

  • Made with High Density Rubber.
  • Embossed weight for easy recognition.
  • Trendy colour design.
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2.5Kg Pair
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5Kg Pair
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7.5Kg Pair
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10Kg Pair
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Jim ka saman

Durable Rubber Plates: These gym weight plates are crafted from a mix of rubber materials, ensuring their durability for long-term use.

Precision Design: With ground edges and a machine center hole, these rubber plates maintain a standardized and precise design, making them ideal for your home gym or barbell workouts.

All-in-One Workout: These weight plates in a weight set for home gym are incredibly versatile. You can use them for muscle strengthening, endurance training, improving flexibility, and enhancing balance.

Efficient Warm-Up: Additionally, a single weight plate from this home workout set can serve as an effective tool for warm-up exercises, making it a versatile and valuable addition to your home gym equipment, Jim ka saman.

User-Friendly Design: These weight plates in gym sets are thoughtfully designed for convenience. Their great design makes it easy to move, load, and store them, ensuring a hassle-free exercise routine.

Versatile Workout Set: Whether you’re looking for a gym home set, weights set, or workout set for men, these weight plates are a functional and convenient choice for your home gym workout needs.

Customer Support Assistance: If you have any questions or concerns about your metal weight plates or gym plate, feel free to reach out to us via email.

Quick Issue Resolution: We are committed to providing excellent after-sales service, and we aim to resolve any inquiries or problems within 12 hours, ensuring your satisfaction with your weight plates for home gym or basic gym equipment for home.

Important Note: Your weight set, including the weight plates, may have a protective coating of non-harmful silicone oil when it arrives to ensure it’s safe during shipping. Before you start using the weights, make sure to wipe off this coating. It will naturally wear off after a few days. This step is important for maintaining the safety and grip of your weight plates in your home gym.



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Product Name Fan Plate 31mm
Brand Leeway Fitness
Country of Origin India
Generic Name Weight Plate
Material Rubber
Hole Size 31mm


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2.5Kg Pair, 5Kg Pair, 7.5Kg Pair, 10Kg Pair


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