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Triangle Olympic Weight Plates Diameter -50mm

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Leeway Metal Integrated Weight Plates are built to last. Manufactured with cast iron core and surrounded by a thick, shock-absorbent, and impact-resistant layer of Rubber. Easy to maintain and highly durable.

The Quality of Our Olympic Rubber Weight is Durable and Sturdy. It is safer and more practical to drop and lower after a lifting exercise. The comfortable grip also gives you a good user experience.

Key Features of Triangle Weight Plate:-
• 50mm whole diameter
• Solid Cast Iron Inside
• Olympic Grade
• Made up with Natural Virgin Rubber

Triangle Weight Plate in Delhi NCR India

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7.5Kg Pair
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10Kg Pair
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20Kg Pair
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50Kg Set(2.5X2+5X2+7.5X2+10X2)
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Leeway Fitness’s Triangle Weight Plate is designed to fits on a 50mm barbell. Usually, it is round in shape and has 3 holes in it. It has a triangle in the center, that’s why it is called a triangle weight plate. There is a hollow design in three directions and this design allows the user to hold it strongly. Due to this design, athletes are able to use it easily. The middle design of the triangle has two triangles, the first is a black triangle, and the second triangle is colorful. Some people it calls steering weight plate and three cut plate also. These weight plates are available in the following weight range, you can choose as per your need-
👉2.5 kg
👉5 kg
👉7.5 kg
👉10 kg
👉15 kg
👉20 kg

Triangle Weight Plate available in 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg


Solid Cast Iron inside of weight plate covered by high-grade rubber, because it makes weight plate cost-effective and protects the floor from damage also when it dropped to the floor. Buy it now and enjoy it while doing strength training, balance training, physical flexibility, and weightlifting. Suitable for men and women.

Triangle weight are developed using Natural Virgin rubber, that makes it last longer. It built to drop, athlete can pick and drop roughly as we have made it for this reason. As other gym weight it is also in regular demands. Weight of plate are raised on each plate, it makes more easy to find the particular triangle weight plate faster.

💪Strenthen 💪Edurance 💪Flexility; whatever you like you can do with triangle weight plate. It is familiar to do any kind of workout as other plates are, you can use these weight plate with Leeway Fitness’s Barbell, this strong and rusty nature weight plate can be used pick and drop with loaded barbell, it does not effect the weight plate.

Key Features of Triangle Weight Plate:-
• 50mm whole diameter
• Solid Cast Iron Inside
• Olymnpic Grade
• Made up with Natural Virgin Rubber

Key Features of Triangle Weight Plate:-


Warranty Information: Leeway three-cut plates are covered by a 12-month warranty against manufacturer defects only. This does not include wear and tear.

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Weight Thickness Overall Plate Diameter
2.5 kg 3.1cm 22cm
5 kg 3.3cm 29cm
7.5 kg 3.4cm 31cm
10 kg 3.5cm 39cm
15 kg 4.2cm 39cm
20 kg 4.7cm 41cm

Whole diameter : 50mm

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2.5Kg Pair, 5Kg Pair, 7.5Kg Pair, 10Kg Pair, 15Kg Pair, 20Kg Pair, 50Kg Set(2.5X2+5X2+7.5X2+10X2), 100Kg Set(2.5X4+5X4+7.5X4+10X4), 120Kg Set(2.5X2+5X2+7.5X2+10X2+15X2+20X2)

2 reviews for Triangle Olympic Weight Plates Diameter -50mm

  1. Pawan Chaudhary (verified owner)

    Grip plates are the way to go if you are just starting out like me. It’s more versatile since it can be used as a barbell weight or just a standalone weight. The rubber wrap seems to be good quality and doesn’t smell. It provides a good grip and I use it for overhead tricep workouts. It looks pretty cool compared to the ones in my old gym. I’m pretty happy with it so far and will probably pick up another one soon.

  2. Gourav Roy (verified owner)

    I am pleased with the overall quality and finish. They fit my 2″ Olympic barbell as expected. I use these as “change plates”, and they are meeting my needs after their first six weeks of regular use in my home gym.

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