Professional Gym Training Home Gym Combo Set with Finger Cut Plate & Gym Bench LF 100

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Home Gym Sets LEEWAY Professional Gym Training Home Gym Combo Set with Regular Metal Integrated Rubber Plates and Weight Bench – Buy Now

  • 3 in 1 Adjustable Gym Bench
  • 6 exercise tools in one pack
  • Available 1 Plain Rod, 1 Curl Rod and 2 Dumbbell Rods
  • Suitable for Home gym Training
  • These weights are available in 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5 and 15 Kg home gym combo
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10kg set (2.5x4)
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20kg set (5x4)
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40kg Set (2.5X4+5X6)
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50kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+10X2)
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70kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+10X4)
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100Kg Set(2.5X4+5X4+7.5X4+10X4)
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Home gym equipment

Without skipping workouts possible at home. Set up your own home gym at a very cost-effective price in India. Workout plays an important role to keep the body fit and fine, it is an essential part of day-to-day life.
Leeway Fitness delivers Professional Gym Training Combo Set with Regular Metal Integrated Rubber Plates and a Multi-Purpose Adjustable 3 In 1 Olympic Weight Bench including basic accessories like Gloves, Skipping rope, and Foam Grip.
This is a basic Gym setup kit for home that covers mostly full-body workouts. Another good thing this gym combo set for home is customizable as well.

HOME GYM SET: Metal integrated Weight Plates (Finger Cut) + 14” Dumbbell Rod + 3 Ft Curl Rod + 5 Ft Straight Rod + Gym Kit + Flat Bench LF100
WEIGHT PLATES: 2.5 KG X 4 + 5 KG X 4 + 10 KG X 2 = 50 KG ; (Weight plates customization is available).
BARBELL SET: 5 ft straight rod + 3 ft curl rod + 14″ dumbbell rod’s.
PLATE INNER DIAMETER: This rubber weight comes 31 mm hole diameter.
GYM KIT: 1 pair gloves + 2 foam gripper + 1 skipping rope for indoor workout strength training.
BENCH DIMENSIONS: 66″L x 40″W x 48″H | Maximum Weight Capacity Including User : 400Lbs.
HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: Inclined decline bench is made of 14 & 16-gauge tubular steel; Guaranteed to withstand intense use of multipurpose gym machine.


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Brand Leeway Fitness
Country of Origin India
Bench Dimension 166cm L x 101cm W x 121cm H
Dumbbell Rod Size 35cm
Bench Weight Capacity 181kg

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10kg set (2.5×4), 20kg set (5×4), 40kg Set (2.5X4+5X6), 50kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+10X2), 70kg Set (2.5X4+5X4+10X4), 100Kg Set(2.5X4+5X4+7.5X4+10X4)


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