Hex Trap Bar

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Another great tool for the deadlift. Leeway Fitness’s Hex Trap Bar allows intensifying upper back workouts. In this bar, you got the freedom of movement completely that lacks in a straight bar deadlift, because you can use it around you all the time of working out.🏋️
✔️ It gives mobility during the deadlift.
✔️ It provides a different stimulus than a barbell.
✔️ Great versatility.
✔️ It takes stress off the triceps.

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All the gym tool has their own major benefits, one of them is the Hex trap bar. As it has the shape of a hex, made up using a barbell, and the user trapped into this product, so we named it Hex Trap Bar.
Generally, everyone has one or more than one barbell in their home gym, along with the barbell you must have this gym equipment in your home gym if you want to deadlift and deadlift-type movements. Because this equipment gives you more versatility during the deadlift workout. 🏋️🏋️🏋️

Key Features:
👉 It has a two sizes grip, the one is 28mm and the second one is 35mm.
👉 It is designed to hold 50mm Olympic weight plates.
👉 Black zinc coating on the entire product.
👉 All joints are strongly welded carefully.
👉 It has a sound weight load capacity of 500kg.

Benefits At A Glance:
👉 When you deadlift using a hex trap bar it helps to strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, and back.
👉 Reducing stress on the lumbar spine is the main advantage of the hex trap bar.
👉 Doing a deadlift workout is easier in comparison to barbell deadlifts as it requires less technical expertise.

Length 219cm
Width 75cm
Height 26cm

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Material Alloy Steel
Brand Leeway Fitness
Item Weight 22kg
Weight load capacity 500kg
Colour Black
Make Made in India
Sleeve Finish Black Zinc
Grip Handle Black Zinc

Product Dimension

Length 216cm
Width 75cm
Height 26cm
Sleeve length 41cm



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