Mini Deadlift Barbell Jack

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Leeway Mini Deadlift Barbell Jack Advantage, It is a time saver every serious lifter needs in the gym. End the struggle to load and unload plates on your bar.
The built-in handle makes it easier to lift the bar to switch weight.

  • Made with durable heavy steel.
  • Support lifting over 400kg for barbell plates.
  • Suitable for all types of barbells and weight plates.
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deadlift jack


CAPACITY UP TO 400KG: The barbell jack can hold up to 400kg thanks to durable heavy steel manufacturing. The scientific load-bearing design can improve safety when replacing the weight plate and simplify loading and unloading.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTIONS: Designed to ensure you can safely load and unload weight plates, the Leeway mini-jack lift is expertly crafted using standard steel to provide long-term durability and reliable use for years to come.

EASY TO USE: Place this Barbell Jack stand under your barbell and hold the handle with your hands or place your foot on the jack to lift your barbell easily off the floor to add or remove plates as desired.

RUBBER HANDLE: Leeway’s mini deadlift barbell jack is outfitted with a rubber handle to supply a firm grip. This handle helps prevent sweating and slipping, ensuring safe, easy use when lifting your barbell with weight plates.

PORTABLE DESIGN: Leeway’s Deadlift Mini Jack is lightweight and portable, unlike bulky gym equipment. Use it at home or place it in your bag to save your energy for your gym’s deadlifting, powerlifting, or weightlifting workout session.

This Product comes with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Note : Finance decision & EMI amount is subject to Finance Company Walnut369.

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