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Lat Pulldown Attachment Rubber Coated

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Mag Grip or Lat Pulldown Attachment helps to build Wider Back. Lat Pulldown Attachment Rubber Coated made with:-

  • Good quality Iron
  • Has Rubber Coated paint for Superiod Grip

It helps you to build wider back, there are 5 pcs comes in this set:-

  • Wide Outside Handle.
  • Middle Grip Handle.
  • Middle Outside Handle.
  • Narrow Outside Handle.
  • Narrow Grip Handle.
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Lat bar pull down

Lat pull down attachment for Back Workout - Leeway Fitness

Features: Ergonomic hand-grips are textured for added comfort and safety, Easily attach to any cable machine, Better tricep, and ab pulldowns, biceps curl, forearm and wrist strength training, Mainly back muscle training.

Lat bar with Premium Buckle - Leeway Fitness

Lat bar with Premium Buckle – Leeway Fitness

Material: Hand grips of Mag Handle are made of solid steel with spraying mat finish paint to ensure durability and prevent corrosion, so rowing T bar V bar can last for years to come.

Wide applications: Home gym can effectively burn calories and increase muscle mass, so the cable machine attachments (Lat Bar) are beneficial to your body. Sports bring healthy living and respect the trend of fashion sports.

Build Your Muscles: This cable machine Lat bar pull down attachment makes strength training a breeze and has multiple exercise capabilities. In addition to performing push-up exercises, Designed to develop your triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, and abs and improve your grip strength.

Lat bar - Leeway Fitness

Lat bar – Leeway Fitness

Fast Build Back Muscles: All the Laterial Pull down bars are customized according to back training. Effectively strengthen the trapezius, latissimus dorsi, Levator scapulae, and other back muscles.

Brand Leeway
Model Rubber Coated
Material Iron
Item Weight 5kg
Middle Grip Handle 78 × 11 cm
Middle Outside Handle 59 × 10 cm
Wide Outside Handle 51 × 10 cm
Narrow Outside Handle 30 × 11 cm
Narrow Grip Handle 30 × 16 cm


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