Olympic Deadlift Platform

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Make your weight lifting workout safe and professional with Leeway Fitness’s weight lifting platform. It is an essential tool for safe workouts.

Key Highlights:
• Solid Virgin Rubber Matt.
• Sturdy Iron Frame.
• Steel Corner to increase the strength of the base.
• Additional 4 handles for workout.

• Length: 8 feet
• Width : 4feet
• Thickness: 37mm

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Olympic lifting, Deadlift, or other weight workouts make safe and professional with Leeway Fitness Deadlifting platform. This Weight lifting Platform has been developed using highly durable material, Iron, wood and rubber used in the platform is delivers ultimate performance.


Demo Weight Lifting Olympic Deadlift Platform - Leeway Fitness

This platform has an overall dimension of 8×4 feet that can be covered up to 32 square feet, and this space is enough for a deadlift workout.

As this platform has a long dimension of 8×4 feet so we have made it in 3 parts. The base part that comes in the middle is made up of wooden to workout on it, and two-part contain a rubber mat to drop the weight comes to both sides of the base part. A heavy-grade iron pipe frame covered comes together to deliver a Deadlifting platform and it is very easy to assemble.


Additional Handle and Steel Corner to increase Strength Olympic Deadlift Platform - Leeway Fitness

The Iron frame is so sturdy to hold rubber and wood, all 3 frame has a base of solid wood to give an equally flat surface above. On rubber side panels Virgin rubber matt is pasted on solid wood and the middle base part is full of solid wood, all 3 panels are 37mm in thickness and deliver you an equal flat surface.

You can take an idea of its sturdiness that it has an overall weight of 95kg, just because we have put heavy durable material in it. Apart from that, we have also put a steel corner frame to give it extra durability, it gives extra sturdiness to the weight lifting platform. You can check the deadlift platform price on our official web store and can buy the deadlift platform easily from here.


The benefit of the Deadlifting Platform:

  • The rubber surface is made up using Virgin rubber and it absorbs the shock of weight when you drop on it, generated noise from dropping weight is also reduced due to the platform.
  • An additional 4 handles are also provided on it which can be used for another workout, this is an additional feature of it.
  • It gives a professional look to your workout and gives safety to you and your floor as well.


Package Content:

  • 1 pc Deadlift wooden platform
  • 2 pc deadlift rubber platform.


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Brand Leeway Fitness
Color Black
Square Foot Covered 32
Length 8 feet
Width 4 feet
Weight lifting area 110 x 74 cm
Weight drop area (Single Side) 110 x 70 cm
Thickness 37mm
Weight 95kg
Make India


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