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Aerobic Step Platform

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Elevate your home workouts with this stepper designed for exercise enthusiasts. Measuring 43in x 16in, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking to shed pounds and stay fit at home.

  • Ribbed Top for Non Slip Operation.
  • Adjustable with 3 different heights.
  • 1 Equipment for multiple workout at home.
  • Rotate and Fix to Adjust Height.
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Aerobic Step Platform

HOME EXERCISE EQUIPMENT FOR WEIGHT LOSS: Discover a versatile home stepper, perfect for your weight loss journey. This 78in x 32in platform offers a spacious, non-slip surface, ensuring safety during your at-home workouts. Whether you’re stepping gently or going for high-intensity routines, the slip-resistant base cushions your movements, providing a comfortable exercise experience.

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EFFECTIVE HOME WORKOUTS WITH A STEPPER: Elevate your home workouts with this stepper designed for exercise enthusiasts. Measuring 43in x 16in, it’s an ideal choice for those seeking to shed pounds and stay fit at home. Benefit from its non-slip surface for stability and a shock-absorbing base for a smoother workout, whether you prefer low-impact or high-impact exercises.

Step exercise equipment Dimension - Leeway Fitness

CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKOUT AT HOME: Make your home fitness routine just right for you with our adjustable aerobic stepper, a great piece of home exercise equipment. You can easily change the platform’s height using the four included risers. You have options for 4 inches, 6 inches, or 8 inches, so it suits everyone’s fitness level. This makes it a fantastic choice for home cardio workouts and effective weight loss for women.

DURABLE AND STRONG HOME WORKOUT EQUIPMENT: Our exercise stepper is built to last, made from a sturdy and eco-friendly material called high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It can handle weights of up to 440 pounds, ensuring it stays strong and durable for years to come. This makes it a perfect choice for indoor or outdoor use, whether you’re into step aerobics or looking for an adjustable home workout equipment.

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VERSATILE STEP PLATFORM FOR VARIOUS WORKOUTS: Your new step platform isn’t just for step routines; it’s a multi-purpose fitness tool. You can use it for low-impact workouts and a variety of stepper exercises. It’s like having an aerobic step bench at home, perfect for combining with other fitness tools to enhance fat burning. This makes it an excellent addition to your home gym equipment, offering versatility and effectiveness.

VERSATILE STEPPER PLATFORM FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: This stepper platform is perfect for cardio workouts, helping you stay fit. It’s suitable for both low and high-impact exercises. You can easily combine it with other fitness tools to supercharge your fat-burning workouts. It’s like having a step-up platform, mini stepper, portable step, and aerobic step board all in one.

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WARRANTY FOR PEACE OF MIND: You’re covered with a 6-month warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects. This warranty ensures you have confidence in your purchase, especially if you’re into step aerobics for weight loss.

WHAT’S INSIDE THE BOX: You’ll find one aerobic stepper included. It’s your essential stepper for exercise at home.

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Item Name Aerobic Step Platform
Item Weight 5kg
Adjustable Height Yes, can be use in 3 different heights.
Weight Load Capacity 199kg
Usage Gym or Home Gym
Length 78cm
Width 32cm
Height 1 20cm
Height 2 16cm
Height 3 11.8cm
Country of Origin China
Packing PP Bag for main product, Carton for outer package





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