Top 5 Exercises with Squat Rack

Top 5 Exercises with Squat Rack

Gym Squat Rack – A Squat rack is a structure with 2 supporting pillars that are helpful to do squat exercises using a barbell.

In this blog post, we are talking about the most popular workout you can do with a squat rack. This workout improves your Should, Hips, Glutes, Hamstring, and lower back.


Back Squats

This is a Basic Squat workout it works for your quads. The hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and core also work out with this exercise as in this workout barbell stands below the shoulder line and weighs directly over the posterior chain.


Shoulder Press


When you do this workout with a gym squat rack and barbell it is the strength and size of the shoulder muscles.


Flat Bench Press


It is a better workout to target the triceps and pecs, it increases your weight as required to build muscle and make them more stronger.


Barbell Lunges


If you want to improve your Glute and Hamstring this workout is for you because this workout manages the glute and hamstring.


Box Squats


Box squats improve squat form gradually, in beginning you can use this workout. Apart from that, it builds up strength in the posterior chain as well.


Squat rack types

Gym Squat Rack

There are 3 types of gym squat rack per weight capacity from 180kg to 350kg. details about the squat rack can be taken from the below link:-

Squat Rack SR101
Squat Rack SR104
Squat Rack SR105

Support: 9720053234

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Top 5 Exercises with Squat Rack
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Top 5 Exercises with Squat Rack
Squat Rack workout improves your Should, Hips, Glutes, Hamstring, and lower back.
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