Adjustable Dumbbell (Steel)

Adjustable Dumbbell (Steel)

Dumbbell Set – Click on the link to buy Adjustable Dumbbell Set (Steel) or Call +91-9720053234 for further enquiry.

Dumbbell training depends on the weight, the pace of the workout and the number of repetitions of a particular exercise you carry out. This helps us with cardiovascular fitness, burning calories and increasing muscle mass or endurance for various sports. You can buy dumb bells with various weights such as 10kg, 20kg, 30kg, and 40kg etc.

✅ Set : Weight Plates + 14” Rod Made Of CRC Rod Zinc Coated.

✅ Steel Weight Plates :

  • 10kg set = 4 plate of 2.5kg
  • 20kg set = 4 plate of 5kg
  • 30kg set = 4 plate of 2.5kg & 4 plate of 5kg
  • 40kg set = 8 plate of 5kg
  • 50kg set = 4 plate of 2.5kg & 8 plate of 5kg

(Weight Plates and Dumbbell Set Customization is available).

✅ Iron nut Collars with Loose-resistant : Threaded ends with Iron nut collars provide a Safe, Secure Workout & Easy Weight Plate Changes.

✅ Strength Training Equipment : Mix Rubber Gym Plates With Weight Lifting Dumbells Rod Set For Home Exercise.

✅ Easy use and Storage : Take seconds to assemble and take out. Compact, Convenient, and Easy to use and Store. All-for-one Dumbbells Eliminate The Need For Multiple Dumbbells In Your Workout Space. Suitable For Performing Basic Toning Body Workouts.


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Adjustable Dumbbell (Steel)
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Adjustable Dumbbell (Steel)
Dumbbell Set and Dumb bell rod Made of CRC Zinc Coated iron, and Iron nut collars with loose-resistant. Free Shipping & No Cost EMI available
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Leeway Fitness
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