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Bolt DC Walking treadmill, Buy treadmill online at Leeway Fitness

Thinking of walking treadmill Bolt DC is the best option for health lovers, it can be used by entire family which weight upto 150kg. Expanded walking area of 480x1370mm is enough to walk on it very comfortably.
Bolt DC comes with a Blue LCD display which shows you Time Duration, Distance, Running speed and pulse rate as well. It can be beautiful gift to health enthusiast people.

Common benefits of walking treadmill:-
👉Strengthens the muscles.
👉Improves Heart Health.
👉Helps to regulate blood sugar.
👉Enhance your brain and memory.
👉Improves sleep quality.


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Walking Treadmill

Treadmill machines are a form of cardio exercise, as per expert opinion your body got many health benefits when you run or walk on the treadmill machine for 150 minutes in a week. Leeway Fitness deals in Fitness Equipment at our website you check treadmill price and buy treadmill online as well.

Cardio Exercise

Running, Cycling, and Dancing is some of the examples of forms of cardio workout. It is the most popular workout that is done by a number of people. Cardio is a kind of workout that helps to improve overall body health.

Benefits of Cardio workout

As of now, you know that Running is a kind of cardio workout, and you can do it at your home using a motorised Treadmill. The treadmill is cardio oriented exercise machine.
Relax problems, increasing weight, or increasing depression if you got this kind of health issue connected to yourself start a morning walk or buy a treadmill and start using it. When a person uses a treadmill regularly on daily basis it gives multiple health benefits. Treadmill walking helps to minimize anxiety, stress, and mental tensions.
It also helps to minimize your sleeping problems, doing cardiovascular activities releases the melatonin hormone that helps in getting a sound sleep.

Treadmill Price and range

At Leeway Fitness we have a wide range of these walking machines you can check treadmill prices at our website Here you will find the collection of motorised and manual treadmills and can buy treadmills online from the page.

Walking Treadmill Key Features

Buy Bolt DC walking treadmill online, It is powered by a 3hp motor (6hp peak). Durable strong material used in its body that lasts longer. It comes with a Digital Blue LCD Display which shows you many of the processes.

  • How long distance you have run up.
  • It shows your heart pulse rate as it has a heart censor.
  • You can see your live running speed.
  • Burned calory data.

A timer also can be set on it for your time-oriented workout. A wider deck of 480x1370mm offers enough space whether you run or walk on a treadmill. Walking treadmill prices are competitive as per the features. Some of the main features of Bolt DC are as under:-

  • Powerful 3hp (6hp peak) DC motor.
  • 150kg Weight capacity.
  • 0-18% auto incline.
  • 1-18kmph speed (Suitable for the new and moderate runners)
  • Aux Connectivity.
  • Emergency stop.
  • 5layer Anti-skid belt.
  • USB Input

To see complete specifications, go to the Specification tab of this page. You will get a wonderful experience of this product when you buy the treadmill online.


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Length 183cm
Width 63cm
Height 100cm
Motor 3hp (6hp Peak)
Speed 1 to 18kmph
Running Surface 44cm x 140cm
Emergency Stop Yes
Maximum User weight 150kg
Incline 0-18% auto
Heart rate censor Yes
Meter Display Time, Distance, Speed, Calories and Pulse
Aux Connectivity Yes
LCD Display Blue
USB Port 1
Weight --
Lubricant Manual
Running Belt Anti Skid 5 Layer Textured running belt
Shock Absorption Cast steel resistance & 6 – ply running board damping system to reduce stress on your joints.
Foldable Yes
Warranty 1 year on motor



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