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Motorized Treadmill NB Marathon is easy to operate and suitable for people of all ages. It is ideal equipment for cardio workouts and has also been used to lose weight.
As it is powered by high-quality motor that operation smoothly and works at very low noise.

Top 5 benefits of Treadmil:-

  • Improve Hearth Health.
  • Weight Loss.
  • Strengthen your muscles.
  • Mental Health.
  • Enhances your brain health & memory.
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Treadmill to Lose Weight – NB Marathon

features treadmill dc motor

NB Marathon is best treadmill available online for user weight upto 110kg, Leeway Fitness is a name you can trust upon. It is an imported equipment to works with your goal.

Main Key Features of NB Marathon Treadmill:-
• Pre Set Programs on LED Display.
• 110kg Maximum user weight.
• Running space 420×1200mm.
• 1.5hp (2.25hp Peak).
• Pulse rate sensor.
• 3 Level Incline.
• Hydraulic suspension shock absorbent deck.


Maximum User Weight

Motorized Treadmill NB Marathon have capacity of 110kg but as per Leeway Fitness recommendation you must have a buffer of 20kg means if your weight is 90kg then you must buy 110kg treadmill. By doing so the life of your treadmill will be more longer.

LED Display with Pre-set Programs

Its Digital displays shows on its screen is like Time, Distance, Speed, Burning Calories and Purlse rate.

Emergency Stop

There is an automatically emergency stop function integrated in this motorized treadmill. If user fallen out on the machine then it stops automatically if user clipped the sensor with their body or cloth.


treadmill dc motor

Running surface

The spacious running track in this segment with a 1200x420mm running area provides you with a run full of comfort.

Speed levels

There is an optionto select walking speed from .8 to 14km/hr Speed levels as per your physical condition.


There are 3 level incline level in this treadmill, if user want to burn more calories then they must use it in incline condition.

Shock Absorption

For better safety its deck is designed with hydraulic suspension technology.

Built-In Audio and Bluetooth

NB Marathon Compatible with bluetooth connectivity.


Buy it now from Leeway Fitness https://leewayfitness.in/


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Length 183cm
Width 63cm
Height 100cm
Motor 1.75hp (2.25hp Peak)
Speed .8 to 14kmph
Running Surface 420mm x 1200mm
Emergency Stop Yes
Maximum User weight 110kg
Incline 3 Level Manual
Pulse rate censor Yes
Meter Display Time, Distance, Speed, Calories and Pulse
Lubricant Manual
Running Belt Anti Skid 5 Layer Textured running belt
Shock Absorption Cast steel resistance & 6 – ply running board damping system to reduce stress on your joints.
Warranty 1 year on motor



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