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Bolt AC is the best folding treadmill, it is a motorised treadmill that can be used by humans with weights up to 150kg. You can feel comfortable during walking treadmill as it has a wider space of 480x1370mm. Aux Connectivity and Emergency Stop are the basic features that are already included. Running Speed, Time Duration, Distance, and speed are also shown on its digital meter.

Buy Treadmill to get benefits:-

  • Heart Health.
  • Strengthens the muscles.
  • Enhance your brain and memory.
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar.
  • Improves sleep quality.

Best folding treadmill | Bolt AC Motorised treadmill | Buy Now

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Best folding treadmill Bolt AC - Buy Motorised treadmill Now

Bolt AC best folding treadmill in Delhi NCR India

In the last, some several years Motorised Treadmill becomes the most popular workout machine among health-conscious people. Nowadays most of the person living on a fast-moving schedule that’s why they could not go for a morning walk or can’t do a workout in a gym. These kinds of people find the best treadmill for a home to stay fit and active.
The main benefit of owning a treadmill is that they can walk kilometers while staying at home. Without going outdoors people can take physical and mental benefits using a running machine.

Easy to use

Bolt AC is the best folding treadmill, it can be moved to another place easily, there are also 2 wheels on its bottom side by which you can move it easily indoors. Its wider space gives you comfortable running on it. There are multiple models available for motorised treadmills. The inbuilt Digital Meter shows your speed, time duration, pulse rate, and burning calories.

Health Benefit

Bolt AC is the best treadmill for home and these machines are mainly used for cardio training, apart from this it also used for cardiovascular health. If you are looking to strengthen your muscles including thighs calves, and glutes it is a great workout product for you.

Attractive as per your Interior

Bolt AC is best treadmill for home, it is crafted full of attractive elegant design that makes your interior looking good your interior become awesome because of its home friendly design.
Walking, Jogging & running become easier and much comfortable on its Shock absorption damping board using Anti skid 5 layer textured belt. A Blue light LCD display shows you the Speed, Pulse rate, Timing, and burning calories. You can control speed using its digital interface. All these features are inbuilt in the machine that makes it popular. There are another good option it comes with folding feature. So we can say that Bolt AC is best folding treadmill in Delhi NCR India.

So now waiting for what, Bolt AC is best folding treadmill; Buy this best treadmill today and start your health journey.


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Length 183cm
Width 63cm
Height 100cm
Motor 3hp (6hp Peak)
Speed 1 to 18kmph
Running Surface 48cm x 137cm
Emergency Stop Yes
Maximum User weight 150kg
Incline 0-18% auto
Heart rate censor Yes
Meter Display Time, Distance, Speed, Calories and Pulse
Aux Connectivity Yes
LCD Display Blue
Weight --
Lubricant Manual
Running Belt Anti Skid 5 Layer Textured running belt
Shock Absorption Cast steel resistance & 6 – ply running board damping system to reduce stress on your joints.
Warranty 1 year on motor


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