Competition Rubber Bumper Plates 2.0

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Professional. Competitive. Attractive. Those are the three words that will come to mind when you check out our new Leeway Competition Plates.

LEEWAY competition plates are as IWF standard 450 mm in diameter. LEEWAY Competition Rubber Bumper Plates are weight calibration & thinner plate profiles for practicing in a competitive environment.

The construction of the LEEWAY Competition Rubber Plates makes our plates durable as they are scratch-resistant & rust-resistant. These are built with Chrome Plated Steel Disc, inserted with stainless steel bolts, to attach the steel center disc to the rubber itself.

140KG Competition Plate Set (IWF): 10kg x 2pc, 15kg x 2pc, 20kg x 2pc, 25kg x 2pc

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Minimal Bounce: The LEEWAY Competition Plates are tested on a Durometer scale where their average measurement is 94, which delivers a consistent dead blow with the minimal bounce required of high-end Olympic weightlifting bumpers. Less bounce means less force being applied to the barbell. The low bounce protects the barbell as well as the plates from damage during drops and helps increase the equipment working life.

Natural Rubber: Natural Rubber Material Composition is a feature that distinguishes our Competition Bumper Plates from the competitors. It is designed to provide extraordinary qualities such as bounce impact absorb, great finish & extreme durability with consistency.

Calibrated Weight & Steel Disc Insert: Weight calibration means that plates are accurate within +0.2% and -0.5%, as mentioned in the IWF specifications. These Competition Bumper Plates comes with a chrome-plated steel disc inserted, which consists of two sections that are bolted together with stainless steel bolts for securing the rubber from impacts, and also these steel discs are meant to concentrate the weight by which the thickness of the plates reduces.

Thinner Profile: One of the most important factors for which the weightlifting athletes are attracted towards Competition Bumper Plates over Standard Bumper Plates is due to its increased weight loading capacity. Generally, the Standard Bumper Plates can at most be loaded with 200kg Plates on a Standard Olympic Bar while Competition Bumper Plates can be loaded with 300kg due to its thin-plate profile, which means that you can perform greater capacity lifts to increase your personal record.

Raised Flanges: The raised side flanges are designed to keep the centre chrome-plated steel from coming into direct contact with the ground. The plates only come into contact with each other on the outer flanges when loaded on the barbell or on the Leeway plate stand, reducing wear and tear and helping to protect the plate’s quality.

Easy To Read Letters & Numbers: The LEEWAY Logo and numbers on each bumper plate are white and contrasted against the plate colouring for better visibility. This makes them easy to identify when loading on your bar and from afar for spectators.

Warranty Information: The LEEWAY Competition plates are covered by a 12-month limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not include wear and tear.

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