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Squat Rack with Barbell & Weight Plate

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Unlock your full potential with our ultimate gym combo at Special Price. Open possibilities of Squat, Barbell and weight workout with this combo. All India Free Shipping, Buy Now.

Combo contains:-

  • Squat Rack SR104
  • Triangle Olympic Weight Plates Diameter -50mm (10kg×2 plate+ 15kg×2 plate)
  • The Otis Bar (Chrome-Black)

Note: weight plate customisation available.


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Home Gym Combo Squat Rack, Barbell and Weight plate: Get ready for a full squat workout at home with our brand-new combo equipment. It helps to Build lower body strength and tone your muscles with our effective squat combo. All you want just get fit, firm, and feel the burn!

Triangle gym plates - Leeway Fitness

Weight Plate: Leeway Metal Integrated Weight Plates are built to last. Manufactured with cast iron core and surrounded by a thick, shock-absorbent, and impact-resistant layer of Rubber. Easy to maintain and highly durable.

The Quality of Our Olympic Rubber Weight is Durable and Sturdy. It is safer and more practical to drop and lower after a lifting exercise. The comfortable grip also gives you a good user experience.

Key Features of Triangle Weight Plate:-
• 50mm whole diameter
• Solid Cast Iron Inside
• Olympic Grade
• Made up with Natural Virgin Rubber

Home Gym Combo with Squat Rack and Olympic Barbell

Squat Rack:

Barbell Stands/Squat Rack is made of high quality that provides maximum safety, Max Load Capacity is 180 kg.

Squat Rack with 8 adjustable heights that are suitable for a variety of height requirements which give you the most comfortable workout experience.

Although the squat rack is foldable, it is very stable when in use, due to the well-designed tightening knobs and solid materials.

Power Rack for biceps & triceps exercises a combination of all gym equipment for the perfect workout.

The base is T-shaped and not easy to turn over. The thick square tube used in the mainframe enhances the stability of the entire barbell Rack.

We offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction and replacement for damage. That’s because we wholeheartedly provide you with a new shopping experience.

The Otis Bar - Olympic Barbell - Leeway Fitness


The Otis Bar has a Zinc Coating on shaft and Chrome Finish on the sleeves. Zinc Coating is durable, rust-resistant, and gives a bare-metal feel to the knurl.

This bar is our incredible deal for CrossFit boxes, Conventional gyms, and Olympic weightlifting gyms.

  • Zinc Coating on the shaft
  • Chrome Finish on the sleeves
  • Weight – 20 kg
  • Grip – 30 mm
  • Sleeve diameter – 50mm
  • Length – 2.2 meters
  • 1.2mm Volcano Knurl
  • Single IWF Knurl Mark
  • Bushing – 2 Bronze Bushings
  • Moderate Whip


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