Spin Bike NB-S7

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Don’t let turn calories into fat. Buy 13.5kg flywheel Indoor Spin bike NB-S7 for your home gym and burn extra calories at home. Enquiry 9720053234

🎯Help in Spine Fitness.
🎯Boosts cardio fitness.
🎯Heart pumping.
🎯Help in weight loss.
🎯Strengthens legs and lower body muscles.
🎯Allows for interval training.
🎯Burns body fat.
🎯A low-impact workout.

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Buy Indoor spin bike NB-S7, 13.5kg flywheel, burn calories at home


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Colour Grey-Black
Item Dimension
Height 103cm
Width 51cm
Length 114cm
Resistance Mechanism Frictional
Material Alloy steel



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