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Barbell Lock 28mm

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Easy to use 28mm barbell lock is suitable for Short length Barbell which diameter is 28mm. To use it Put this barbell lock onto barbell and just latch down to hold it on barbell. This lock comes in round shape design and red black colour combination.

Benefit – Barbell lock holds plate on the barbell sleeve, and prevents sliding of weight that inserted onto barbell.

Material – Heavy duty plastic and nylon used to manufacture this kind of barbell. It is Perfect to use for crossfit workouts, standard lifts, overhead press, deadlifts, bench press or any other gym workout.

It’s sold in pairs.

Barbell lock in Delhi NCR India

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Barbell Lock Small (2.54cm) fitted on barbell - Leeway Fitness

Why use a barbell lock?

Barbell is the main product of your gym and during the workout, there is always a chance of slipping the weight. That is the main reason you must use the barbell lock because it holds the weight in the barbell sleeve to make a safe workout atmosphere for athletes.


Durable gym barbell lock - Leeway Fitness

Advance technology designed barbell lock to fits on your 28mm barbell, It has been made to lock your weight plates on your barbell to prevent slipping. It is

This one-click lock design gives you the ease of access to install and uninstall from a barbell. It takes some seconds only to open or close the lock. Leeway Fitness’s snap-latch design gives you easy operation.

It is an accessory for your home or commercial gym to maintain safety during workouts and it is a small gym accessory that can be easily moveable from one place to another if you want to workout in the gym or open area.

High-quality ABS plastic used to manufacture this barbell lock is because ABS plastic is a thermoplastic polymer that has Structural Strength and Stiffness. Because of its strong nature it strongly holds weight on the barbell.

Athletes can do the workout of their interest whether it belongs to Crossfit, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, you no need to worry about slipping off weight plates. It is sold in pairs that are used on both sides of a barbell. Some where it called Barbell collars.


Gym Rod Locks, Weight Bar Collars - Leeway Fitness

Stronger Grip & Barbell Friendly

As these barbell collar have flexible rubberised interior so it holds your barbell strongly and gives your barbell an ultimate grip. It gives no scratches to your barbell as well just because of its rubberised interior. Hence the rubberised interior gives stronger grip and gives no harsh to your barbell.

Key Features:

  • ABS Quality Plastic.
  • Suitable for 28mm Barbell.
  • Rubberised tighten seal.
  • Fast locking / unlock operation.
  • Can withstand moderate bumps and drop.


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Material ABS Plastic
Height 49mm
Internal Diameter 28mm



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